SEO Strategies We’re Focusing on in 2015

2014 to 2015 leap

In a lot of ways, 2014 was a landmark year for Google SEO. Hummingbird’s effects finally became tangible as it completed its global rollout. Panda 4.0 and Penguin 3.0 kept the pressure up on spammers, while Google’s human reviewers continued to dish out manual actions to suspicious-looking sites. These, combined with smaller updates, paved the way for the more nuanced and intent-responsive SERPs that we see today. While the search landscape still isn’t perfect, it’s certainly better than what it was years ago. [Continue reading]

From Nobody to Influencer: 11 Tips to Make the Transformation Happen

good boss

Influence is rapidly becoming the most important commodity in SEO and content marketing. As Google gets better at interpreting brand, authority and popularity signals, we’ll see sites that represent influential people and organizations dominate the … [Continue reading]